A Dangerous Vixen

Here is my challenge

One journal(ish) post a day. Like I said, I’m trying to make this real and current and if you’re down with that, keep following me. Otherwise, don’t bother. 

So, in approximately a month, I will be going to San Francisco. I’ve lived literally on top of the Atlantic for my entire life, and while that’s great, I’ve always wanted to see the pacific. The ocean that I know is grey and rocky and treacherous. I know the Pacific is likely also all of those things, I have this image of white sandy beaches and surfing and piers. I’m not sure if I’ll actually find any of that in San Francisco, but I am excited to try.

A Journal of Sorts

I am reclaiming my escape, and writing everything down. Be patient with me, I’m working on making this interesting and new and real.